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Tweddle Engineering Launch New Incising Technologies

From the middle of April, Tweddle Engineering, working in partnership with Lonza Wood Protection, can offer timber treatment and sawmill companies a choice of innovative, patent pending incising technologies for both square sawn and round ground contact timbers.

The EXCALIBUR (for square sawn timbers) and EXCALIBUR R (for timber rounds) incising machines deliver focused, cost effective and ‘real life’ solutions to the particular requirements identified by the timber trade.

Excalibur logo        Excalibur R logo

Both machines are designed with a compact footprint and a have robust construction from quality CE marked components to withstand typical sawmill environments. Common commodity sizes of sawn and round timbers are all catered for with options to incise full length or part length of posts.  Lead-times from order to delivery and installation will be just 3 – 5 weeks.

Tweddle Engineering has been designing and manufacturing large scale handling and processing equipment for over 25 years,including significant projects within the timber treatment industry. Derek Tweddle explained this latest development into incising technologies. ‘Surface incising of ground contact timbers prior to the industrial application of high pressure preservative treatments is increasingly being recognised as a preferred method to help achieve an improved and more consistent penetration of wood preservative into the timber, particularly through more resistant heart wood zones of the timber component.’

‘Working with Lonza has allowed us to design and deliver these focused new technologies to meet the specific needs identified by their customers.’

‘Both machines deliver a consistent incising pattern through an advanced head control using hydraulic cylinders rather than simple spring systems. The incising pattern is aesthetically pleasing and depth consistent, even across surface knots. The self-cleaning steel blades are easy to access and speedy to replace when required and incorporate a clever design of blade spacer allowing a flexibility to the incising pattern.’

‘Within the machines we use only CE marked, off the shelf components that deliver real performance and low cost maintenance when required. There is a minimum of moving parts and we have made sure that there is easy access for any maintenance work’.

‘Immediate demand has been for improved incising for sawn timbers and EXCALIBUR is now available. The machine has a footprint of just 1.55metres x 2.30metres and can four face incise in a single pass any sawn timber length in standard sizes from 22mm up to 225mm at a speed of 40 metres per minute. If required, larger dimension timbers can be catered for in the machine design and manufacture. The EXCALIBUR technology allows for a quick and simple change between component sizes.’

Both new technologies can be demonstrated to interested parties from mid April at Tweddle Engineering in Cumbria.

  • Compact footprint of 2.30m x 1.70m
  • Robust fabrication to withstand sawmill environments
  • All components fully CE Marked
  • Design is fully compliant with the Machinery Directive - 2006/42/EC
  • Patent pending head control design uses synchronisation rather than linear guide systems
  • Consistent incising pattern that can also be used with the EXCALIBUR R machine
  • Aesthetically pleasing incising pattern
  • Large capacity, high torque hydraulic motors ensure all knots are incised
  • Clever blade spacer design allows flexibility of incising pattern
  • Precise digital measuring system allows rapid change over between timber sizes
  • Speedy adjustment and replacement of blades through patent pending shaft design
  • Self cleaning system for blades
  • Incises all four faces in a single pass
  • Full or part post incising
  • Incising speed of up to 60m/min
  • Any timber lengths and sizes from 22mm up to 250mm
  • Easy access into machine for maintenance
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Low maintenance costs with the use of only UK off the shelf parts
  • Low power consumption from a single 18kW 3 Phase Electric Motor with soft start to eliminate power spikes
  • 4-6 Week manufacture and delivery schedule



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Please refer to our videos page to view The EXCALIBUR and EXCALIBUR R technical video


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